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Welcome to the Website

of the

American Association of the Friends of Kosciuszko at West Point, Inc.

Annually Commemorating the Life of

(1746 - 1817)

Polish and American Patriot and Hero, Altruist, and
Champion of Freedom, Independence, Democracy,
and Equality on Two Continents,

and the

Patron Saint of West Point in the Early American Republic


 As it has done beginning in 2004, and was to have been done on April 24-25, 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic forced our 17th Annual Kosciuszko Conference and Kosciuszko Commemorative Events to be cancelled. Our 18th Annual Tadeusz Kosciuszko Conference program on April 23, 2021 had to occur solely via a remote ZOOM internet technology basis. The "Future Events" page of our Association's website continues to display the typical elements constituting our Association's 2021 program. Nevertheless, despite the daunting ebb and flow of Covid-19 and its deadly Delta variant, we are planning to hold our in-person 19th Annual Tadeusz Kosciuszko Conference on April 22, 2022 in the Thayer Hotel at West Point, to be followed on April 23, with the integral commemorative events constituting "Kosciuszko Day"at West Point. Needless to say that we will plan for another remote Zoom-based Conference in the event that the pandemic prohibits the United States Military Academy at West Point from being open to the public. We hope and pray that this will not happen. All related details of our two-day program for our April 22 Kosciuszko Conference and for our April 23, 2022 Kosciuszko Commemorative Events will be posted to this website shortly after January 1, 2022, and updated as necessary thereafter. All of West Point's events of April 23, 2022 (e.g., the Cadet Review, Class Reunion Day and Retiree Recognition Day, and including the Kosciuszko Monument ceremony that began on July 4, 1828, and the Kosciuszko Memorial Mass in the Most Holy Trinity Cadet Chapel, along with the Kosciuszko Luncheon in the Thayer Hotel), will only be held if the Superintendent of the United States Military Academy deems that it will be safe to do so under the conditions of the Covid-19 and Delta Variant pandemic, insofar as the first duty of the Superintendent is to protect from harm the Academy's Corps of Cadets, and its faculty and staff staff, including external guests, in that order, among those in the latter case, being our Association's members who participate in our Annual two-day Kosciuszko program. God willing, our 19th Annual Tadeusz Conference will occur in person at West Point on April 22,2022, along with the usual Kosciuszko Day and other Commemorations on April 23, 2022.   

The Association's sole mission is dedicated to illuminating and spreading the inspiring and enduring story of the life of Tadeusz Kosciuszko and his times, which more often than not have parallels in our 21st century world.



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